Prairie Hill MX – Pilot Mound, Manitoba

Directions: From Winnipeg go west on highway #2. At Holland, turn south on #34 to Pilot Mound or take #3 from Winnipeg to Pilot Mound. From the junction of #3 & #253 (Esso) go 2 miles west, turn right on road #65, head 3 miles north, turn left on road #17 and go 3/4 of a mile. The track is on the south side of the road (2 hours from Winnipeg).


 From Altona; go south on Hwy #30 1.5 km past McDonalds restaurant, Turn east at Road 6 Northand go 0.8km…..the track will be on the north side. (Track is approx. 1.5 hours south of Winnipeg)

GMX – Grunthal, Manitoba

From Winnipeg: Take Hwy 59 south for 45 Km then turn left onto Hwy 205 and continue 8 Km. Then turn right onto Hwy 216 and continue 3.8 Km. When coming into Grunthal there is a 90 degree left hand curve. Stop in the middle of this curve and you will see a turn-off that continues to the south. Take that road 3 Km then turn right at the stop sign. Track will be on the left in .4 Km.

Grand Beach Motorsports Park – Grand Beach, Manitoba

From Winnipeg, Take hwy 59 north towards Grand Beach. Turn right at road 102 (approximately 2 km before hwy splits for Grand Beach turn off). There may or may not be a sign that says GBEC or Grand Beach Entertainment Center. Go about a quarter mile down the road to the campground entrance on the right.

SCRAPYARD – Rosser, Manitoba

Just off of the west perimeter of Winnipeg turn west at Provincial Trunk Highway 221 (the Rosser turn off/Rosser Road) and travel approximately 3 miles west along the highway towards Rosser, MB. The track is immediately on your left (you can see it from the highway). Private track not open for public practice.

DREAMLAND – Sommerfeld, Manitoba

South from Winnipeg along highway # 75 (approx 80 kilometers from the perimeter past Lettelier) until you reach provincial trunk highway 421 turn right (west) and travel approximately 12 kilometers until you almost reach the town of Sommerfeld. Track is just before Sommerfeld on the south side of the highway and is visible from the highway. Private track not open for public practice.

TLT (The Lilies Track) – Teulon, Manitoba

New Directions : All riders are asked to come to the track via the following directions so as to reduce the traffic by my neighbors. : From Winnipeg go north on Hwy 7 to Teulon. Come to the track from Teulon by turning west onto Hwy 415 (Fridays restaurant is on the corner ). Go 2 miles west to road 7 east and turn south. ( there is a white garage with a green roof at the corner) Go south 1 3/8 miles. The track is on the west side of the road, there is a track sign at the entrance.